Marketing is pretty much everything you to to get a new client. Learn about 3 things you are probably doing which drives potential and existing customers crazy!

Using an Automated Phone System

Automated phone systems piss clients off. That is what banks do! Don't be like a bank. Get a human to answer the phone for normal working hours!

Reeceptionist reading a magazine with foot on the desk

Hyper Hold Music on Your Phone System

It doesn't matter what industry you are in. Your hold music needs to be calming. Most people HATE being put on hold. So you better think long and hard about the music you play for them.

  1. Music should have some structure (not too random)
  2. You can use Sounds of Nature - as long as it isn't too repetitive
  3. Avoid genres that people Love or Hate (Rap Music, Country & Western music are top on this list)

Nickel and Diming

Nickel and diming a client to death is another bad thing to do. Every once in a while - give them a discount or provide an extra service at no charge.

Forgetting to Ask for Referrals

Encourage clients that love you to talk about you. Word of Mouth is the best marketing you can get.

Ignoring Existing Clients

Remember. A client in you have is usually worth keeping. Here are places where you are probably ignoring them:

  1. On your website. There are plenty of links to sign up, join or send but you hide the "Login." Fix it!
  2. On your web portal. You have a portal URL that is really hard to remember. Use something like instead. Make things easy!
  3. On your phone system. Treat existing clients as high priority. Try very hard to a) greet them by name, b) give them attention right away, c) avoid putting them on hold d) give them a special phone number to call to make sure they get a human.
  4. In your print ads - remember to thank your clients whenever you get a chance to.