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Working with a Graphic Designer to Create a Logo

By Frank Gomez | November 24, 2019
Suncoast Health Insurance Logo

The best situation for both the client and the graphic design professional is for a client to have a clear idea of what they want. Without a clear idea a lot of time & money can be wasted. Of course in creating a logo one…

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Logo Design for Graber Cabinets

By Frank Gomez | August 26, 2018
Graber Cabinets Logo Stacked

You’ll see this logo if you are driving north on Cattlemen between Bee Ridge and Fruitville Road in Sarasota.

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Logo Design for Jesse Marketing Associates

By Frank Gomez | August 25, 2018
Jesse Marketing Associates Logo 2015

JMA or Jesse Marketing Associates hired Empowered Marketing to create a new logo for them in 2015. They have been a client ever since. This post will show the evolution of the logo design for JMA. Both the old logo and new logo are reminiscent…

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Flame Inspired Logo Design for Source Fire

By Frank Gomez | December 24, 2016
Logo Design featuring Gradient Mesh

This project was fun because I enjoyed the challenge of creating the “S F” in the flames. That was the first step. After that we came up with about dozen variations with hands underneath, no hands a crucible etc. Finally I tried a “gradient mesh”…

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Phoenix Logo for Fired Up Sales

By Frank Gomez | October 17, 2016
Fired Up Sales Logo inspired by Phoenix

Rick Torrington asked me to create a new logo for Fired up Sales earlier this year. I really felt that the ideal concept for Fired Up Sales was that of a Phoenix because Fired Up Sales is about building your business up and getting a…

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Logo Design for Tap 72 in Sarasota

By Frank Gomez | September 1, 2016
Tap 72 Logo

When Tom Elliot of Linksters Tap Room contacted me to design a logo for Tap 72 we started with the concept of a bulldog with a beer tap. After many revisions we decided to emphasize the clean lines of a state road sign complement that with the word…

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College Bound Landscape Logo Design

By Frank Gomez | June 22, 2015
College Bound Landscape Logo created by Frank's Designs

Sometimes the best ideas for logos are from the clients themselves. This is the most affordable way to have a logo designed – by having a clear idea of what you want. In this case the client sent me a drawing of what he wanted…

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Vector Logo Design for Specs Eyewear

By Frank Gomez | April 6, 2015
Specs Eyewear Vector Logo

Dr. Chanda Wall contacted me to develop a new brand for her because she was starting a new business at 8432 Lockwood Ridge Rd in Sarasota, FL 34243‎. Her services are: Optometrist and optical services providing eye exams, glasses and contacts. In experimenting with concepts…

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Logo Design for Livable Planet Consulting

By Frank Gomez | June 4, 2013
Logo Design for LIvable Planet Consulting in Sarasota, FL

Branding for a green business usually starts with some variation or variations of the color green—not this time. If you want to stand out you can’t just do what everyone else is doing. Livable Planet Consulting is a “green business” but the owner requested that…

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Vector Logo Design for Social Upward

By Frank Gomez | September 6, 2012
Social Upward Vector Logo

Susie Daniels of Social Upward, a social media company, asked me to come up with a design that featured her QR code and could be associated with social media services. I chose to use a compass rose and a stylized lotus. The compass rose represents…

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Vector Logo for DS Risk Management

By Frank Gomez | July 14, 2011
Vector Logo design for DS Risk Management in Sarasota

Sometimes a client has a clear idea in their mind of a logo design they want me to create. This was the case with the owner of DS Risk Management. While this would have been much easier our policy at Empowered Marketing is to create…

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