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A Focus on Accessibility

By Frank Gomez | October 25, 2019
Finger Presses Blue Button Usability on Black Keyboard Background.

Every Accessibility Remediation we undertake leads to new lessons. There are so many variables in a pre-existing WordPress website. At the most basic level there are three major factors: The Theme The Plugins The Developer Theme Accessibility Remediation First we have to evaluate if a…

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Writing Style vs. Writing for SEO

By Frank Gomez | September 5, 2019
Red Balls with the word SEO on them symbolizing that SEO is in our blood

As someone offering professional web design, it is hard to resist editing content to improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I have a few clients that prefer very brief headings about their products or services. While this idea makes sense , you are giving up value…

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Trimming the Fat on an Old WordPress Site

By Frank Gomez | May 23, 2019
Empowered Marketing Group GTMetrix Report After Trimming The Fat

My personal website was 595kb and my goal is under 500kb. This site is very old because it used to be and has had a couple different themes and MANY different plugins over the years. Why would a WordPress Expert Use So Many…

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Testing Ultra Lightweight WordPress Themes

By Frank Gomez | May 22, 2019
Suki Theme GTMetrix Report

First, what is an “Ultra Lightweight WordPress Theme”? While there is no definition based on today’s testing I’m happy to suggest a guideline: Any theme that results in a total page size (page weight) of 150kb or less, upon installation in a new WordPress installation…

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Peeples Insurance Website Redesign Case Study

By Frank Gomez | May 19, 2019
Peeples Insurance Website Responsive Mockup

Peeples Insurance had an outdated created and managed my a company that targets the insurance industry. Upon first inspection there were several issues with the website: Broken Links; Console Errors (errors recognized by the browser upon loading various pages); Usability Issues. On the positive side…

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Is Your Website Lean and Green?

By Frank Gomez | April 29, 2019
Green Speed Guage Superimposed On WPTechGuru Responsive Mockups

Sustainable Web Design is a Thing There is a lot more to green web design than speed but it is important to consider speed as an element in green web design. Many WordPress themes are incredibly fast for their bloated size but what they are…

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Why WP Rocket is the Best Caching Plugin

By Frank Gomez | September 5, 2018
Woman On A Rocket

I Used to Hate Caching Plugins! I would research and tweak my .htaccess rules which was great for a while because my websites were lean in the first place. Not too many plugins. well designed themes. All of my sites were pretty fast. About 5…

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12 WordPress Mistakes Even Professionals Make

By Frank Gomez | July 23, 2018
Shocked And Surprised Boy On The Internet With Laptop Computer

WordPress professionals come with a wide variety of backgrounds so some mistakes may be forgivable. Others.. not so much. After working on many websites built by other people I’ve generated a list of common mistakes and oversights by designers and developers. The 12 WordPress Mistakes 1.…

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Aikido Sarasota Website Redesign Case Study

By Frank Gomez | November 23, 2017
2017 Sarasota Web Design for Aikido Sarasota

Objectives Create a more inviting website that is less traditional Maintain an excellent Page Speed Incorporate integrations with Zen Planner (internet based fitness software) Work with the owner to familiarize her with how to use WordPress and Beaver Builder The Approach In our initial meeting…

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Case Study | Sarasota Bay Estuary Program Website Rebuild

By Frank Gomez | October 7, 2017
Custom Web Design for the Sarasota Bay Estuary Program

Website Rebuild Objectives Ensure that the website mobile friendly Improve the appearance and usability of the website Ensure that SBEP Staff can access the website while it is under construction Work as a team with Sarasota Bay Estuary Program (SBEP) Staff Industry Intergovernmental Organization Challenges In…

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Why Avoid Multi-Purpose WordPress Themes

By Frank Gomez | May 28, 2017
A Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme is Like a Swiss Army Knife

I was inspired to write this post because in the past two weeks I was asked to review OR solve problems on a few websites (built by someone else) and coincidentally 3 of them were using the same theme. One of the biggest complaints was speed. Page…

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Neff Gulf Coast Web Development Case Study

By Frank Gomez | July 19, 2015
Responsive Web Design Montage for Neff Gulf Coast, premium custom website for downtown Sarasota Business

David and Cindy Wentzel invited me to their office to discuss development of logo and a new website for Neff Gulf Coast. Having been in the cabinetry business for years David and Cindy educated me about cabinetry, hardware and outdoor kitchen design. I was immediately…

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Why Drag and Drop is not a Panacea in Web Development

By Frank Gomez | March 17, 2015
Drag and Drop in Website Design

This article is relevant to other content management systems (CMSs) but specifically references tools and terminology used with WordPress. Levels of Drag and Drop Tools in Web Development Website Structure (Page Layouts) and Special Tools (widgets, sliders, etc.)—Drag and Drop Layout Composition (Page Layout after…

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Multilingual, Responsive, Comic Book Website—Case Study

By Frank Gomez | February 10, 2015
Mystura Comics Favicon

I was contacted in fall of 2014 to build a website for a comic book series in multiple languages. Gabriele Masetti, was inspired come up with the look and feel of the website so that it matched his Mystura Comics series. After initial discussions we…

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Understanding Web Hosting: Library Metaphor

By Frank Gomez | September 29, 2014
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Pop-Up Window Effectiveness

By Frank Gomez | May 20, 2013

A client recently asked me to add a “overlay window” (a special kind of pop-up) which said “save money.” If you click on it the pop-up it takes you to a page about how you can save money with their company. While I’m not a…

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Search Engine Strategies are Evolving

By Frank Gomez | January 5, 2013
Red Balls with the word SEO on them symbolizing that SEO is in our blood

Opinions on search engine optimization strategy are shifting again. A brief history of strategies: Content is King Content is King and you have to optimize for Search Engines You have to change your content it all the time to stay ahead of the competition (no!)…

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Website Design Case Study – Sarasota Bay Estuary Program

By Frank Gomez | March 15, 2012
Professional Non-Profit Web Design Example |Sarasota Bay Estuary Program

When Randy Moore of Triple 3 Marketing contacted me about rebuilding the Sarasota Bay Estuary Program website I was both surprised and excited. Surprised, because I didn’t know Randy, who had already decided that he wanted Empowered Marketing to do the project. Excited because I…

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Original Content on Websites

By Frank Gomez | August 15, 2011
web design collage of home pages

Most people know that Google and other search engines are looking for original content and penalizing websites with duplicate content. Duplicate content is penalized because there are far too many who prefer taking shortcuts in spite of the very real risk of adversely affecting your…

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Why You Should NOT Design Your Own Website

By Frank Gomez | March 12, 2011
Crossing out Plan A and writing Plan B on a blackboard.

If you are operating a business you need a professional website. There are more and more products out there that claim that you can build your own ‘professional’ website for little money and without much effort. The most common are MacWebsiteBuilder, Vistaprint, GoDaddy (Website Tonight), Intuit…

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