Face made of question marks and one periodDo you work with WordPress?
Yes, absolutely. WordPress is my favorite platform.

I want a unique design, can you do that for me?
Yes, every website is custom.

Can you work with a short turnaround time?
Most websites can be completed within 4 - 6 weeks. Some websites are much larger or complex and can take longer. Speed of website delivery depends on many factors. First, how ready you are. Second whether we have to create the content for you or if you have a lot of content already prepared and third, how busy we are. Most of our work is from referrals so we are busy most of the time.

What do you charge for consultations?
There is no charge to discuss your project with us on an exploratory basis - typically this is 15 - 30 minutes. We believe in collaboration and the initial consultation is the first step in our effort to get to know you well.

What does Empowered Marketing® mean?

Empowered Marketing® is our ideology regarding marketing.

Do You Have Experience with building ADA Compliant Websites?

Absolutely. We have been building websites following ADA guidelines since they first came out for websites. We strive to create the highest quality websites possible. We accept no liability for your website meeting ADA guidelines.

Why can't I see my find my new website using a Google search?

If you can't find your own website immediately after it has launched is because Google has not indexed it. Indexing literally means that Google's computers crawl your site to see what is there. Empowered Marketing takes basic steps to ensure that your website is indexed quickly, those include:

  • Adding a Google Analytics tracking code.
  • Submitting the website to Google Webmaster Tools
  • Submitting a sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools
  • Addressing redirects (if you have an old website redirects "tell" Google where the new pages are)
  • Adding links to that site via social media like Google Plus, Facebook, etc.

Even with doing these things it can still take some time. The biggest factor is:

  • How many links there are to your site.

Even with a brand new site that has no links to it initial indexing by Google should happen within a few days.