Empowered Marketing offers super fast, optimized, web hosting to web design clients and also new clients via our sister website WPTechGuru.

Most web hosting services (especially low end hosting) is what is called shared hosting. This means that your website is on a server with thousands of other websites. So depending on how busy the server is, your website could be very slow or even non-responsive one day and reasonably fast on other days.

The main problems with most web hosts are:

  • Slow speed
  • Low reliability
  • Inferior customer service
  • Poor tech support—either in responsiveness or competency

Web hosting explained

Web hosting refers to a server where your website is stored. A server "serves up" your website data 24/7 so that anyone can view it and use it at any time. See this infographic: Understanding Web Hosting.

Why to avoid hosting a website on your own computer

  • Web servers must have a very high level of security.
  • You would have to leave your computer on continuously.
  • You need to have specialized automated backup systems.
  • If a web host takes a server offline for maintenance, it is scheduled during off-peak hours.


Avoid signing up for web hosting, email accounts or gimmicks when you buy your domain name (URL). This gives you freedom and saves you money. Work with a webmaster to set up hosting and email accounts using a web host they are comfortable with.