Empowered Marketing is an Ideology Which Includes These Principles:

  • an agency's marketing efforts should empower the client in ways that go beyond traditional marketing
  • a marketing agency must hold clients to high standard of integrity
  • a marketing agency has a fiduciary duty to seek the best interests of their client while insisting that the client to act with integrity; to stand behind their products or services.

Empowered Marketing® Client Empowerment

Client Empowerment is achieved by:

  • Considering the big picture for your organization
  • Being Cost Effective
  • Using Long Term Thinking at all times
  • Educating the Client.

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Empowered Marketing® Web Design: Optimized from the Start

We offer superior web design services with Search Engine Optimization as an integral part of your website. In other words we believe in "baking it in." All websites we have built since 2012 are responsive to various devices sizes. Currently new websites are ADA compliant.

Empowered Marketing® Sustainable Web Design

We design lean and green websites. Out sites are typically less than 25% of the size of a typical website today. Sustainable websites are fast and smart. Better for business and better for the environment.

Empowered Marketing® Graphic Design: Creative Branding

We love to create! If you want creative and unique branding for your business, you are at the right place. We excel at branding and logo design, graphic design, web design, web banners, website graphics, print advertisements, letterhead, business cards, brochures, banners & trade show displays. Got an idea? Tell us about it. At Empowered Marketing®, we love a challenging project!

As a policy, we create images as vector art (vector graphics) whenever possible. This allows you to scale an image without losing quality. It can be scaled down for the web and scaled up for print, and look fabulous in both media. Read more about raster vs. vector graphic design.

Empowered Marketing® Privacy and Ethical Standards

In any project, we use extreme caution with personal information and we protect your passwords in encrypted files. We strive to maintain the highest ethical standards with our work and expect our clients to do so too. Website content should be original. Images on websites should be original, or used with permission. We only use "white hat" search engine optimization techniques. "White hat" means legitimate, above board, ethical techniques to improve your search engine ranking. Finally, if we feel that you are better served by taking your project elsewhere, we will gladly recommend that you do so, and we will even refer you to someone who is an expert in that area.

When it comes to web design and search engine optimization we will avoid working with direct competitors to your business unless we have discussed it with you. Being loyal to you is the least we can do to earn your loyalty and business.

Finally, we never share your information with anyone unless we have permission from you. See our Privacy Policy.