Fascinate – 7 triggers to ramp up your business

Book Cover for Fascinate by Sally HogsheadAmong business books there are very few that I would consider a “must read.” Fascinate: Your 7 Triggers to Persuasion and Captivation is definitely a must read for any small business owner or marketing professional.

Sally Hogshead is a marketing guru who really knows how to make a product or service stand out. Using the 7 triggers explained in this book you can make a major difference in your own marketing efforts no matter what your product or service is.

Sally Hogshead deserves credit for making many brands stand out in recent history. My favorite was the Mini. A small car with big time, in your face marketing that was hard to ignore, different, fun, engaging and compelling.

The Seven Triggers

  1. Lust (Passion) – creating a desire for sensory gratification
  2. Mystique – unanswered question(s), mystery, secret ingredients
  3. Alarm – usually deadline based or limitations on quantity or availability
  4. Prestige – things you can show off, high end brands, emblems etc.
  5. Power – control over others
  6. Vice (Rebellion) – tempting people to break rules
  7. Trust – comfort others, consistency, reliability

The interesting thing that Sally says in her book is that you are already using some of these triggers in your life and business. The key to success is to fine tune the triggers that work for your product or service. Once established be careful not to change because they become part of your brand and if you change on your market you might upset the apple cart. For example everyone expects Sir Richard Branson and Virgin to be outrageous. Virgin would lose market share by suddenly becoming conservative and Sir Richard Branson would become less fascinating.

Fascination and Marketing 101

To be successful your marketing must be emotionally compelling. Using the the 7 triggers described above your marketing will be emotionally compelling and will cause clients to skip rational thinking and use their emotions to make decisions.

Final Thoughts

It is incredibly important to be authentic, be yourself, be fascinating in a way that suits you best. The more authentic you are the easier it is to succeed.

Tell me your thoughts on this subject.

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