Give them Something to Push Against

Yin-YangAn important aspect of marketing your business is closing the deal. “Give them something to push against” is a way to describe a technique I use to get people to come to an agreement.

For example, often the potential client doesn’t know what they want.

This situation is fairly common and applies to almost any type of project. If the client isn’t clear about their needs; how can you provide a solution that meets their needs and pleases them at the same time?

The solution is to put some ideas out there and see how they respond, i.e. “Give them something to push against. This could mean writing a proposal explaining what you recommend. While there is a risk they will take your ideas to” someone else, it is more likely they will consider what you sent them and start talking seriously about what they like in your proposal and what they’d like to change, (they are “pushing against” what you sent them). So instead of having a potential project dead in the water, you can move things forward by giving them something to push against. Then, you are having a discussion so you can come up with an agreement!

If they don’t give you any feedback or reply, then they aren’t serious about starting the project in the first place.


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