We offer expert  graphic design and web design that promotes your business visually, making it stand out as unique, memorable, and professional. With your logo design, we will establish a powerful brand for your company. We have designed hundreds of logos and can help you determine what your logo should “say” about your business. Read more about our Logo Design services in Sarasota.

Graphic design can be a powerful way to convey your message. At Empowered Marketing, we have the experience and expertise to create any type of image or presentation you need. We will help you present your message in a clear and consistent manner.

The vast majority of our graphics are vector-based. This makes our images easy to enlarge without losing quality. Read more on vector-based graphic design.

CMYK and RGB Graphic Design

Images and colors can inspire a variety of emotions in your audience. In all our graphic design, we consider the psychological factors which will make them more effective.

Print and Graphic Design Services

Examples of Logos as Graphic Design Examples

Thoughts on Graphic Design

Graphic design is creating visual elements, from shapes and objects to typography, to convey a message. In some references graphic design is described as assembling or putting together items to convey a message. That is too simple of a description—some projects demand starting with nothing or very little and creating something very powerful. For me there is little distinction between graphic design and graphic art. The line between art and design (if there is one) is formed because graphic design is usually created to sell a product or service that isn’t the design itself. On the other hand, art isn’t necessarily created to sell anything, sometimes not even itself.

Graphic Design is Used Everywhere

From advertisements to signs, you can bet that a graphic designer was involved and you will likely notice when one wasn’t. Look around and you will see many things that are truly wonderful. To be effective, the design also has to be memorable.