Face made of question marks and one periodHow do I choose a graphic designer?

While this is a personal decision I encourage you to look for reviews of any companies you are considering. You can see our reviews on google plus, LinkedIn and on our testimonials page.

What does it cost to design a logo?
Most logos are under $500. The cost to design a logo varies dramatically from as little as $250 to over $1,000. It depends on a lot of factors like: complexity, whether you know what you want, and if you want several concepts designed that you can choose from.

Do you provide the "source files" to your clients?
No, source files are separate from the final product.

Do you design business cards?
Yes, business cards are a very important aspect for any business and we will design & print any type of card you need.

Can you create a vector logo?
Absolutely, that is the way to go for a variety of reasons. It is in fact the best practice. You can learn more here.

Can you create a better quality image with an old logo?
Yes, we have “re-created” many images from low quality pixelated images so that they can be used for other things like advertisements or signs which we will also design for you. We use Adobe Illustrator to create vector images and InDesign to create layouts for anything from advertisements to large scale displays.

Can you use an image that our child created, for our logo?
Yes, we can refine and incorporate anything you need into your marketing materials.

Can you work with a short turnaround time?
Yes, we pride ourselves on responsiveness, communication and professionalism, see our testimonials.

What do you charge for consultations?
There is no charge to discuss your project with us on an exploratory basis. We believe in collaboration and the initial consultation is the first step in our effort to get to know you well.

What does Empowered Marketing® mean?
Empowered Marketing® is our ideaology.

Can you help us to develop our brand?
Absolutely, we have developed a detailed questionnaire that helps us understand your company so we represent you clearly and effectively. Learn more about branding here.