Modified stock photograph example - Modified by Frank's Designs

A great advertisement or website has to have great images. Sometimes you really need a photographer to capture the concept, idea or location. If that is the case we can recommend a photographer that is very good for the type of project you have. Most photographers have their area of expertise such as shooting weddings, models or action shots, food or art photos and some specialize in photographing people in general.

What is very important to consider when buying stock photography is choosing the size. Small images can not be resized larger without getting fuzzy or pixelated. The majority of printing is done at 300 pixels per inch (in old terminology dots per inch). Most computer monitors display at 72 or 96 pixels per inch (ppi). If you are using a photo both in print and on the web you should determine the maximum size it will be printed in inches and multiply by 300 for the width and height. The end results are the minimum dimensions of the photo you will want to buy in dots (or pixels). It can be resized smaller later for your website but be sure to save the large version as a separate file.

Image created by Frank's Designs from 3 separate stock photos

Image created by Empowered Marketing from 3 separate stock images to illustrate personal transformation for
Sarasota psychotherapist Dr. Anna Bacher

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