Large Custom Graphic for Le Macaron San Francisco

As a courtesy to my clients in other cities I have tracked down local printers who can handle various jobs. In this case I wanted a printer in southern San Francisco which could handle large format vinyl banners. Because of the mall’s requirements it was decided that a vinyl wall adhesive would be better for this project, which is more complex and requires expert installation.

After talking and emailing at length with Karen and her staff at Big City Design & Print I knew my client was in good hands. They sliced the image I sent them in overlapping sections of 52″ so they could produce an image that is almostt 12 x 11 feet.

When their installers arrived at the site, they were refused entry by mall security and were told they had to wait until after 9:30 PM when the mall closed. They had to wait almost 6 hours (lucky they’d scheduled that install for the late afternoon). But, lemonade from lemons – they visited friends and had a good time while waiting (they are from Petaluma area). They didn’t finish the installation until after midnight!

I always appreciate great customer service and appreciate attention to detail. Many thanks to Big City Design & Print in San Francisco for bringing my design to life.

Frank Gomez

Frank Gomez is the owner of Empowered Marketing, LLC: Providing Website Development, Web Design and Graphic Design since 1997. Originally named Frank's Designs in Seattle, the descriptor Empowered Marketing was added in 2008 when he moved to Sarasota. In Sarasota, Frank developed his skills in InDesign, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop as well as incorporating WordPress to build compelling, fast loading websites.

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