Retro Logo Design for Central Tavern in Winter Haven

This logo started with the client’s desire to have a retro logo that fits in well with the historic feel of Main Street in Winter Haven Florida. The initial concept featured the text in a banner rotated about 30 degrees within a circle. The second iteration featured the bottle cap edges around the circle, eliminated the banner completely and replaced it with a Box super imposed above the “bottle cap.” Per the direction of the owner I tried several color combinations and we settled with black and dark orange. The orange has the psychological impact of creating energy, excitement and hunger which is a good thing for a tavern.

The accents to make this design special are the flourishes above and below the word “Central Tavern” and the filigree. The horizontal flourishes were inspired by flourishes a saw years ago in a book by Thich Nhat Hanh. When I saw them I knew that I wanted to use them in the future so I drew them in Adobe Illustrator and use them when the fit the overall design.

The last “special element” is the custom filigree featured above and below the box. Often clients will ask me to use something from the web but I prefer to draw things myself and more importantly I want it to fit well within the overall work. So, I created this design with adobe illustrator to fit perfectly in the space available. As is customary for Empowered Marketing, this is a vector logo.

See related logo design post for Tap 72.

Central Tavern in Winter Haven - Logo Designed by Frank's Designs

Central Tavern in Winter Haven

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