Marketing Web Design vs. Technician Web Design

It’s the age-old question of style or function. Show or Go. Years ago, in an earlier career, body shop technicians had a running friendly argument with mechanic shop technicians at a local car dealership. Whose job was most important? The mechanics who made it go – or the body experts who made it appealing to drive? How does this apply to web design?

Today in Internet circles, the running debate concerns who should design your new website. Should you choose a marketing web design or a technical web design? Web Designer or Web Developer? Show or Go?

Of course, with website building, web designers and web developers perform similar work. After all, your website must function in basic ways in order to serve your purposes. Such matters as SEO, page loading, navigation, backlinking, and quality content are integral to any working website. Both designers and developers know about and implement these things.

The major difference lies in the manner of approach of each website professional. Let’s examine each briefly to understand what is different, and what is the same.

Web Designers — Marketing Web Design

Web designers typically approach website design from an aesthetic standpoint. They focus on a site’s layout and visual elements. This is considered the “Show” aspect of website work. Who wants an unappealing website? It’s like asking, “Would you rather drive a Mustang Shelby GT 500 or a Yugo?”

Crazy Egg, Inc. claims that users decide to stay on or leave your website within 15 seconds. Further, they also claim that one major factor that influences your bounce rate (how long users stay on your site) is web design. Conversely, studies by Taylor & Francis Online show that users only need 0.05 seconds to form an opinion about your website, and whether or not they will stay. Appearance on mobile devices must be considered as well because good design increases the chances that your website will be recommended to others.

So, obviously, web design matters. Aesthetic appeal and all that is involved in that (color, contrast, layout, white space, fonts, graphics, video, and more) have a huge impact on whether or not a user decides to stay on your site or click away.

Web Developers — Technician Web Design

Web developers, sometimes called front-end developers, are focused on creating a functional website involving UI interaction, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, frameworks, and other operational factors. This is the “Go” aspect of website work. After all, that Mustang Shelby GT 500 may look stunning, but without the 760 hp, 5.2 liter Supercharged V8 engine to press you firmly into the seat upon acceleration, you go nowhere.

Function is vital in order for users to navigate to the portions of your website that serve their interests or meet their needs. A website that is difficult to navigate or has broken functions is a sure way to drive users to your competition. Aesthetic appeal provides an immediate connection, a site that is usable is the hook that ties users to your site.

Of course, qualified web designers must possess some coding knowledge in order to perform their tasks properly. And web developers need a working knowledge of design. In an ideal situation, web designers work closely with web developers to produce the ultimate product – an attractive, engaging, and highly functional website that provides exceptional value for users and harvests qualified leads for its owner.

Marketing Web Design vs. Technician Web Design? How about we choose Marketing & Technician Web Design for the perfect combination of aesthetic appeal and user-friendly functionality? Our design background and our technical skill give you both.

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