3 Big Marketing Mistakes in Product Web Design

In recent years I’ve noticed that websites for products are making huge mistakes which aggravate potential customers.

Examples of Big Marketing Mistakes For Product Pages

Vibram FiveFingers | Too many choices What Shoes Should I Buy? Help me Vibram FiveFingers!

I’ve personally been a fan of Vibram FiveFingers since they came out. I’ve shopped for them over the years and always come away frustrated. I’ve read many review sites and still the basic information I want doesn’t exist. To make things even harder the shoes have names that tell you very little about them. Komodo, Bikila, V-Soul, huh?? What Vibram needs is a feature chart for FiveFingers shoes with these columns:

  1. Shoe Name
  2. Best For (Running, Trail, Walking, Casual)
  3. Closure (Velcro, Paracord, other)
  4. Sole Thickness (with a minimalist shoe the sole matters!)

Solution: Make it easy! Anyone buying Vibram FiveFingers has to do a lot of research or go to a running store. The simple addition of a chart (or two charts, one for men and and one for women) would go a long way to improving online sales.

What Shoes Should I Buy Part 2, Too many options!

If Vibram FiveFingers had a chart as described above I might not feel this way but there are so many options! I have analysis paralysis every time I want to order a new pair.

Solution: Show the differences or cut back on the variations

Let Your Members In! ConsumerReports.org

I’m a member, I go to ConsumerReports.org and it is a sales page. No way for me to login! I’ve done this multiple times. Admittedly, I may have clicked on a link from Google to get there but even if I did, it should be easy to find where to log in anyway.

Solution: Include a Login on Sales Pages too—Your existing customers matter too!

Acer Spin 13 Chromebook Need Specs

Show me the Specs! (This covers many tech companies in recent months Google Chromebooks, Acer and more)

In the past few years I’ve seen product marketing websites focus on benefits. That is great right? Yes, it is but some of us want details. Give customers both options; basic information and detailed information and make it easy to find. Before October I had no idea the Spin 13 did NOT come with a stylus in all versions. In Acer’s defense their recent page for the Spin 13 has a feature comparison tool which is very helpful.

Solution: Provide the details. If you don’t want to clutter your page provide a simple link to the details.

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