Original Content on Websites

Most people know that Google and other search engines are looking for original content and penalizing websites with duplicate content. Duplicate content is penalized because there are far too many who prefer taking shortcuts in spite of the very real risk of adversely affecting your website’s performance.  The better reason to avoid taking shortcuts is to do the right thing because it is right and professional. This applies to textual content as well as images.

Options for creating original textual content rather than stealing it from other websites.

  1. Start writing
  2. Interview an expert and then write your own copy
  3. Hire a copywriter
  4. Use a very limited amount text from another website with a citation (give credit to the author)

In some situations you may have enough knowledge or the person you hire may have enough knowledge to write the copy without doing research first.

Options for obtaining images for your website rather than stealing them from other websites.

  1. Purchase the right to use stock photography or graphics
    (stock photos will give you a professional image at a fraction of the cost of hiring a photographer).
  2. Request permission to use an existing image
  3. Take photos yourself
  4. Make drawings or illustrations yourself
  5. Ask your child to make a drawing
  6. Hire a photographer
  7. Hire an artist
  8. Hire a graphic designer
  9. Search for images in the public domain

NOTE: Most images on “free photo” sites require attribution (giving credit to the creator) or links to their website and so on.

Recommended sites for public domain images.

  1. 14 amazingly free stock photo sites
    Make sure you provide attribution for images that require it.
  2. Wikimedia Commons
  3. Morgue File (free to use without attribution)
  4. Pixabay
  5. Unsplash
  6. Gratisography
  7. Free Fitness Photos

Recommended Stock Photography Websites

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