Peeples Insurance had an outdated created and managed my a company that targets the insurance industry. Upon first inspection there were several issues with the website:

  • Broken Links;
  • Console Errors (errors recognized by the browser upon loading various pages);
  • Usability Issues.

On the positive side the old website was not bloated like many websites today.

Console Errors on old Peeples Insurance Website

Goals of The Website Redesign

  • An error free website
  • Make Peeples Insurance more approachable
  • Update insurance product offerings
  • Improve Usability including making the website accessible to people with disabilities
  • Make the website lean and green (total page size less than 500KB and page speed under 1.5 seconds)

Website Usability

Because this website is in Florida where many people are older we increased the font size significantly. Today, any people have larger monitors with higher resolution so fonts are actually smaller on the display so larger fonts should be a default.

Additional changes include:

  • Increased contrast
  • Added a search feature
  • Made phone numbers clickable
  • Re-wrote all content
  • Categorized insurance types to make things easier to find
  • Added email links for staff members
  • Followed ADA Guidelines for Website Accessibility

A Note On Accessibility

Italics are considered a bad practice for accessibility. We felt that it was necessary for aesthetics. In defense of the use of italics we only used them on headings which are large and high contrast.

Making the New Website Lean and Green

By default we work hard to make websites lean and green. This website is no exception. Things we did to keep it lean:

  • No slideshows
  • No video backgrounds
  • Avoided excessive javascript
  • Used WP Rocket caching
  • Used Litespeed Cache on the server

The results:

  • The website is slightly faster when tested on a desktop
  • The website has a 43% smaller page weight (total size of files when loading home page)
  • The page speed on mobile devices will be better because of the smaller page weight

Visit The Peeples Insurance Agency Website.