Phoenix Logo for Fired Up Sales

phoenix logo concept

Early Phoenix Concept

Rick Torrington asked me to create a new logo for Fired up Sales earlier this year. I really felt that the ideal concept for Fired Up Sales was that of a Phoenix because Fired Up Sales is about building your business up and getting a coach to help you after everything else fails.

There are dozens of phoenix logos out there that are very similar so I pushed myself to create one that is truly unique. It started with several drawings and sketches of flame shapes. Below is an initial concept of the “rising” flames feeling I wanted to create.

After working on this for several days I thought about feathers and wings and so I started create separate areas of the flames to create the feeling of a bird. Another decision that I made was to use a little “i” in “Fired” because to be a good salesperson you have to listen to the other person and their needs vs. thinking “I” and doing all the talking. The end result is the totally unique design shown below.

Fired Up Sales Logo inspired by Phoenix

Fired Up Sales Logo inspired by Phoenix

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