Using Pinterest for Social Media

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Pinterest is a lot of fun and because it is pretty much completely visual it is very popular too. It is ideal for creative people to post their work but it can also be used by other types of businesses. Yes Pinterest can be used to lead more people to your website.

How can Pinterest help your business?

A simple example is: If someone likes your pin (usually a picture) they might take the extra step and click on it and end up at your website to learn more about it. So for Pinterest users to click and or share your image or video or whatever you posted on Pinterest it should be compelling. It is a good practice to include photos on your web pages. Good photos lead to more sharing and clicking of your Pinterest posts.

Best Practices on Pinterest

It is fairly intuitive to use but this tip will save you some trouble. There are two main ways to post pins on your own pin boards (categories of pins). One is to upload an image using Pinterest’s normal upload method. Two is to use a bookmarklet (browser add on / extension / plugin) which is fast and easy.

If you use the first method your phone won’t link to anything. That is OK because you can choose “view pin,” click edit, and add the webpage you want people to find when they click on that image (or video).

The second method automatically links the photo to the webpage it came from. If you want to share a photo on your website or any other website:

  1. Go to the webpage with the picture
  2. Click the Pin It Button (a bookmarklet)
  3. Choose from the pictures that come up from that page
  4. The picture will automatically link back to the page it came from.
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