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Sarasota Manatee Bicycle Club Logo Redesign

The old logo for the Sarasota Manatee Bicycle Club was in desperate need of a redesign.

Old Logo for SMBC

OLD Logo

By working closely with the SMBC president, Bud Gaunce, we came up with a modern, attractive logo that goes well with living and bicycling in the Sarasota / Manatee area. Six months later Bud contacted me and informed me that the logo was a big hit with the club.

Sarasota Manatee Bicycle Club Logo 2015


Frank Gomez

Frank Gomez is the owner of Empowered Marketing, LLC: Providing Website Development, Web Design and Graphic Design since 1997. Originally named Frank's Designs in Seattle, the descriptor Empowered Marketing was added in 2008 when he moved to Sarasota. In Sarasota, Frank developed his skills in InDesign, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop as well as incorporating WordPress to build compelling, fast loading websites.

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