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The Power of Branding | Brianna’s

I recently noticed a bottle of Brianna's salad dressing in our house and realized that it wasn't what I thought it was. I have always thought of Brianna's products as organic and reasonably healthy.

Brianna's branding is excellent. They successfully branded their products so they appear healthy and desirable. If you look at the packaging of on of their salad dressings you will see the following:

  • An old style serif typeface - this gives it instant credibility
  • hyper legibility - this makes it so easy to read, so simple that it is less likely to create questions in the mind of the consumer
  • white space
  • simple graphics

On the back side the ingredients are listed in a fairly legible size and there are few ingredients.

The sum total of this well designed packaging is that it builds trust in the consumer.

My wife looks at labels less than I do but if i had looked at the label in the store it would have never made it into the shopping cart. Why?

  1. It isn't organic, nothing in this product is organic
  2. Canola oil is the first ingredient - while some may not be concerned we believe that canola oil is inflammatory and is almost certainly genetically modified.



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